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Upgrade To Latest Clockwork Mod-Lilg Recovery v5.0.2.7 For Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini.

UPDATE! Added CWM recovery v5.0.2.8 with layout fix.

Clockwork Mod Recovery is one of the most amazing custom recovery among the two recoveries --Clockwork Mod Recovery and RZ Recovery-- available for Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone. And, thanks to the developer, squadzone, he have managed to compile the latest clockwork mod recovery version for our device and you can now upgrade your recovery to this latest update. This latest recovery has is compiled from latest source and with blue theme, it simply looks awesome on our device. Squadzone, has made some changes in the user interface to make it simpler. But, there are not much of added options or features.

So, without delay upgrade to this latest clockwork mod lilg version and give it a try. I have tested it on my device and amazingly I was able to flash roms successfully as well as do nandroid backup and restore without any problem. Download it from Roms and Utilities page and then flash it in CWM recovery following the instructions below. If you instead want to update your recovery via Odin then read through this article. Also, you can have a look at these awesome screenshots of this latest CWM lilg recovery (thanks to Erickson for them) before upgrading to it.

1. Make sure you have any of the custom recovery available on your Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop. You may either have Clock Work Mod Recovery or RZ Recovery - any is fine.

2. Download latest Clockwork Mod-lilg v5.0.2.8 ( 

3. Copy the downloaded file to the (root directory of) your sd-card.

4. Reboot your device in to Custom Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).

5. [Optional -- incase you want to revert back to previous recovery] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.

6. Choose Install Zip From Sd Card>>Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the file you downloaded from above.

Note : If you are using RZ Recovery, choose Install Menu>>Select file you downloaded>>Select Wipe Data and Wipe Cache>>Choose Install and wait till the recovery is flashed.

7. Once it finishes flashing, reboot your device.

That's all. You have  upgraded your CWM recovery to latest version and you can now take a look at it by rebooting your device into recovery mode. Thanks to squadzone for this latest recovery. Do you like it or not? Is it working fine for you? Don't forget to share the answer of these questions with us at the comments below.

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  1. yagya there is a app called need armv7 . can u able to make it work on samsung galaxy mini

  2. Thanks Yagya and also Squadzone for making such a good CWM. I have upgraded it.

  3. well thanx for this buddy,but just want to kno what should i use to download files upto 50mb? i hve tried every browser n download manager but not work at all!! can u suggest me???

  4. Hi! Thanks for this awesome blog, I have one question. I love cyanogenmod, but only thing I don't like, app drawer icons look ugly and pixelated. Is there any other way to fix this than changing launcher?

  5. Mirjam en Harro SmitJanuary 29, 2012 at 2:43 AM

    I use launcherpro eversince i bought my phone with stock froyo. But is runs more than perfect on CM 7.2rc5 to! Never used the standard ADW launcher from CM. Maybe give it a try?

  6. Mirjam en Harro SmitJanuary 29, 2012 at 2:52 AM

    Hello Yagya,

    Thanks again for this. I have flashed several roms with it. I never had a real problem. Only thing better not to do is use the "fix permissions" option. After i tryed this, i had to do a data wipe and thus reinstall all apps and settings...
    By the way, it's not really compatible with the 'Rom Manager' app, which i banned from my phone a while ago!

  7. And that's exactly what I'm using! :) yackovsky

  8. ADW Laucher provides many customizations so check them out at Settings>>ADW Launcher Settings and explorer through it. You can change settings to make it look nice and managed. ANd, if I am not getting you wrong then you mean icons are conjusted in app drawer and if you see my screenshots or videos of CM7 then you will surely find laucher beautiful there. Or, you can alternatively use another launcher too.

  9. mr yagya what are the difference between this clockwork mod and the clockwork mod 4

  10. Nothing... not much difference in the features we get. But, the difference is in UI -- a new theme as well as squadzone added a option (Go back) in different menus -- and not much. It looks nice with blue color... give it a try and see. :)

  11. sorry for my earlier comment ,its just no mean here cuz i got the solution between thanx for the awesome blog!

  12. I cant restore backups with this version of CWM.I use CM 7.2 rc. 5.Help.

  13. i used adwlauncherEX it is more organize than default launcher of cm7..why cm7 dont use go launcher? i used it it looks good too.. 

  14. I can't reply that question. We need to ask Cyanogen team why they prefer ADW launcher. BTW, it is true ADW is one of the best launcher available out there.


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