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Fring : The Best App For Video Calling; Works Even with Smartphones Having Single Camera.

Fring is an mobile application that provides fun and free ways to connect with your family, friends and/or relatives. Fring is currently available for three major mobile platforms - iOS, Android, Symbian and it supports free group video chat, live texting, fring calls, video call and fringOut Calls. There's more about these features below. So, continue reading to learn more about this amazing application.

It time to find out more about the features of this app. Below I've described some of it's awesome features in brief.
  • Free Group Video Chat : With fring free four-way video chat is possible. Now, you can have upto four friends on your screen be. With Dynamic Video Quality technology you get the best video and audio quality possible since this smart technology adjust your settings automatically and continuously to match your connection.
  • Video Chat : Fring makes it possible to do video call over your regular network connection. Now, you can connect with your friends, family and relatives wherever you on the go using WiFi, 3G or 4G networks.
  • Live Texting : You can now chat it up with your buddies on the go. Know what's happening with your friends on the go - live texting at its best with fring app. No more expensive SMSs from now.
  • Fring Calls : Unlimited, Free calls with your friends or relatives worldwide. No need to worry of over charging your bill or no need to worry if you will ever run out of your prepaid balance.
  • fringOut Calls : With fring it's possible to call worldwide phone numbers at a very cheap rate. Now, talk with your friends in foreign lands without worrying about the cost. Call any numbers worldwide at  cheap and low prices.
So, these are key features of fring app. So, if you want to get along with your friends and relatives anywhere, anytime either for free or at a very low rate then fring is just the right app for you. But, some of you might counter saying what's new with this app; even skype or tango or other apps available out there can let you do all these and they might even be cheaper. If you are thinking the same then continue reading why fring is preferred over others and for whom this app best suits.

Why Choose Fring And Not Any Other Video Calling Apps Available Out There?
Fring is an app with many features and most of them are for free. Moreover it has muti-platform support and its users are increasing at a very good rate. However, these are not the main points why you ought to choose   fring as your app for free video calls and live texting.

With fring and android many things that simply seems impossible are possible. Let's consider you have a phone such as Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop/Next, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Ace or any other device with just a single back camera. Now, you might want to show your friend who has iPhone and who always boast of video calling with this friends or maybe you simply want to connect with your family or friends who are away and show them that you are just fine and happy. Fring helps you right at this point.  With fring video calling is possible even with a smartphone that has a single back camera but this is not possible with other apps out there. So, fring is especially good for those who want to do video chat or video call over his WiFi or 3G or 4G with others on his smartphone that has single camera. 

So, How Does Fling Make Video Calling Possible Even With One Back Camera? I'm a bit confused, can you explain more.
With fring video calls, you simply have to turn your back camera towards you and your friend on the other part of the world can see you instantly on their device. For some of you this might seem quite difficult but it's not that hard, just give it a try and you can know the true power of this amazing application. I suggest you stay in front of a mirror for the best performance during a video call since if you do so you might not need to turn the camera towards you always.

So, now that you know video calling is possible even if your smartphone --be it Android or Symbian (Every iPhone has dual camera)-- has a single back camera with fring app, you can download one for your platform from below and get connected with your family or friends instantly.

Downloads Fring For Your Platforms :
You can download fring application to your smartphone by pointing your browser to or from any of the links below.
You can add yagya7 to your fring friend list and give a test call if you don't have any other fring friends to call. You can also share your own fring username here so that you guys can keep in touch with each others. Also, don't forget to share this with your friends so that they can get their own fring and you guyz can connect with each other. Also, please share your views about this app as well as take part in the discussions at the comments below.

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