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Official Cyanogen Mod 7.2 RC1 Available For 70 Android Devices.

After a long wait finally Cyanogen mod team released an official release candidate version of their Android 2.3.7 based Cyanogen Mod 7.2 custom rom with support for 70 android devices from different manufactures around the globe. This CM7.2 RC1 is the first major release of this year and supports all high-end devices such as Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S 2, Galaxy S, etc along with mid-range and low-end devices as such Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Mini and many other smartphones out there. With version 7.2 there are many changes which you can view at the change log below.

There are a couple of backported features and fixes from Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), over 20 new supported devices as compared to Cyanogen Mod 7.1, and even some new features to boot along with some bug fixes along the way. CM team reported that the mysteriously vanishing SD-card ringtones which had been plaguing Android for a long time has been fixed along with other device-specific and general bug fixes. Below we have got to full changelog for you to find out more about notable new features and fixes.

Change Log Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0
  • New devices: Samsung Galaxy Ace, Mini, and Epic. LGE Optimus Black, 3D, Hub, Pro, Sol, and One. Motorola Atrix. Sony Ericsson Xperia Live, Pro, and Active. Huawei U8150.
  • Common: Updated translations - (everyone)
  • Common: T9 predictive Phone dialer - Danesh M, Pawit Pornkitprasan
  • Common: Media player and recorder fixes for a number of corner cases - CAF, Danny Baumann
  • Common: Profile resets - Ladios Jonquil
  • Common: Assorted Wifi fixes
  • OMAP Common: Support for recent OMAP3/OMAP4 devices - omapzoom
  • Common: Control haptic in quiet hours - Danesh M
  • Common: Lockscreen updates and new styles - Andrew Sutherland, Danny Baumann, Danesh M, Sven Dawitz, Taichi Nishimura
  • Common: Bluetooth MAP support - Jonathan Bensen
  • Common: ICS telephony fix backports - Spencer Oliver
  • Common: Support for Bluetooth GPS dongles - Cuong Bui
  • Common: Better support for mouse and usb keyboards - Emilio Lopez, Tanguy Pruvot
  • Common: Fix timezone detection in Hawaii - Warren Togami
  • Common: ICS Transition effects backport - Russ Underhill
  • Common: ICS Rotation effects backport - Tanguy Pruvot
  • Common: Allow photo storage selection when possible - Greg Kochaniak
  • Common: Improved Calendar reminder options - Danny Baumann
  • Common: Fix color banding in Gallery while displaying 32bpp images - Sang Tae Park
  • Common: ADB over network
  • Common: Improved AVRCP 1.3 compatibility
  • Common: Improved external keyboard and mouse behaviour on some corner cases - Tanguy Pruvot
  • Common: Status bar battery icon configuration - Simon Davie
  • Samsung Galaxy S GSM devices: Fix emergency dialing
  • p990: Add FM Radio support
  • p990/p999: fix background calls, fix HDMI output in 1080p
  • zeppelin, morrison, motus: Fixed camera zooming issues
  • Samsung Galaxy S devices: Add tv-out
  • Several devices: Fix device identification on Android Market
  • crespo, jordan, blade, v9, Samsung Galaxy S devices: Device specific settings section
So, that's all. Now head on to and get the release candidate for your device and flash it right away using ROM Manager app or manually from Clock Work Mod recovery.  And, as usual, if you find anything broken in your device while running CM7.2-RC1 then you can report the bugs at Install and Have Fun!

 Source : CyanogenMod

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  1. hey from the link above which zip file is for the galaxy mini?

  2. can u put link zip on galaxy mini

  3. why games like 'third blade' cannot be play in this roms

  4. Wan Faris u download the rom How ?

  5. use the link

    take from xda galaxy mini forum....

  6. A link with instructions will come soon. However, if you are too excited then you can download it from

  7. still the only bug i've seen is that you cannot manually set the max and min freq in performance>cpu settings . I guess you need no-frills for that.

    performance = check


  8. Hi, the Cyanogen Blog has a list of the device and his codes(names), the galaxy mini code is TASS.

  9. for download link... just go to xda-developers forum for galaxy mini...

  10. What about  a compare and contrast with the custom roms of mebitek and squadzone? that would be very useful.. maybe a quadrant results on all of them using the same phone, programs, and settings? A chart would be very very welcomed i think, with bugs, fixes, tweaks, etc..

  11. Sorry, to say I don't use mebitek rom and so can't tell about it. However, as I said above I would go with squad's CM7. Though it's not a big deal, I just love soft buttons and status bar battery display which are seem to be missing in this official CM7. However, if you are not looking for many tweaks and stable rom then this is good. And from what I have heard about mebitek roms, they are both the same. This being official and quite stable you can go with this one. I too think mebitek will drop his builds now that official vanilla (without changes) CM7 is out.

  12.  mebitekis better than squadzone. It does not have too many extra features that you never use. Quite stable. Recently mebitek has released the latest version which is built from scratch and CM verrsion updated to RC1.

  13. Abderrahmane ALAMRANIMarch 21, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    what about OC ?

  14. yagy help  when i get MMI code by #272#* say connection problem or invalid MMI code why help me ?

  15. still no market.....on rc1 official.......if no market and no more soft botton and no more future then whats banifits of that ?     only official ?  no    no   no....... squad riched on RC5.6    and thats good on cm7 if you want CM......and more future...... thats it.......

  16.  yagy help  when i get MMI code by #272#* say connection problem or invalid MMI code why help me ?

  17. CM7.2 official! you better flash this one! works smoothly! ^_^

  18. Can you tell me what's MMI code and how did you get it? Also, which rom are you using?

  19. There will be further update... It's almost same as squad but only features that are fully compatible and working are been put into it and released. Features from later version will also be available when CM team thinks that they are stable.

    Market is not available in every CM7. Read my article on how to install google apps to find out why it is so and how to get these apps.

  20. Does the sim toolkit for this version work? 

  21.  I want to install cygenmod 7.2 RC5.5 (no errors with working Camera )on samsung galaxy pop plus sGT5700i......some forums tell that my phone is not sGT5700 mini ne version but is new advanced version of Galaxy Y with improved screen and camera and everything else is same.....thats why i am confused what to do.....can u plz help me And give any links for files to update from CWM recovery OR
    can u plz make a step by step tutorial post........ advance

  22. No, you can't flash this on your pop plus GT-S5570i. Both device has different architecture. And, since there is no any custom rom for gt-s5570i as of now, you'll either need to wait till one is developed or make one for yourself.


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