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Screenshots Of Official CyanogenMod 7.2 RC1 On Galaxy Mini GT-S5570.

If you haven't known it already, then let me inform you that official release candidate of CyanogenMod 7.2 custom rom is available with support for 70 devices. You can find more details about it at this article. And, among the list of 70 devices also falls the precious little Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 smartphone from Samsung. Along with Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Ace and Epic devices --both from Samsung-- has also got the official release from CyanogenMod for the first time. Below, I have got few screen shots of this official CM 7.2 RC1 update for Galaxy Mini (code-named : tass). Have a look at them below and find out more about the official CyanogenMod release.

ADW Launcher Settings
About Phone Details - Kernel
App Drawer
Application Settings.
CPU Settings 
DSP Manager - Phone Speaker Settings
Call Log 
Home Screen CM 7.2 RC1
Homescreen menu with Music widget
Status Bar tweaks
Lock Screen with Holo Style Ring lock and Music widget.
Lock Screen Settings
Mobile Network Settings
Music App - Now Playing
Notification Window
Performance Settings
Dialer - Phone Applicaiton
Ring Lock Styles
CM Sound Settings
Bottom Statusbar Tweaks / Tablet Tweaks
Wireless and Network Settings
So, that's all. These are few screenshots of official Cyanogen Mod 7.2.0 RC1 custom rom on my galaxy pop/mini gt-s5770 taken just after I flashed my device with the rom. I hope you learnt many things about official CM7 just by seeing these screenshots. However, if you have any thing you need to know, feel free to ask me at the comments below.

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  1. What's the difference between this and mebitek's RC1? Would you suggest to use the official version over mebitek's one?

  2. what About FM radio and camera problem??

  3. stop_spamming_xda_you_cuntMarch 20, 2012 at 10:44 AM

    why does this stupid cunt always spam his crappy website all over xda?? prick

  4. This is the same Rom like 7.2 RC5 from pictures.

  5. FM you can run it using Spirit FM app... What problem is there with camera? Camera worked fine from the very beginning, didn't it?

  6. Yes, every CM7 rom look the same. But, they differ from inside.

  7. when cyanogenmod 9 finish on galaxy mini ?

  8. Be patient... It will be done when it's done.

  9. Giovanni ProvenzanoMarch 20, 2012 at 11:42 PM

    The boot animation is changed? Or is the same?

  10. Boot animation is same as in mebiteks build. I think squads eom has a different boot animation.

  11. Dude can u plzz tell me xact step by step procedure for installing dis software on my galaxy pop gt-s5570 ...dis is d first time m gonna update ma phone ... N i m in India

  12. Yagya, does this official CM7 support asian languange? I had installed CM7 v5.6 and i couldn't read asian languange such as korean and mndarin, it appear as squares

  13. Yagya, does this official CM7 support asian languange? I had installed CM7 v5.6 and i couldn't read asian languange such as korean and mndarin, it appear as squares

  14. is usb tethering works fine?

  15. USB tethering works fine but with the help of Wired Tether app. I don't think the built in function works great for now. But, wireless tether works quite fine from within the ROM option.

  16. No Mobile Network:

    Galaxy Mini

    I had Cyanmobile Initial A installed, it had bugs, so restored CM7 RC 5.7 and since then I have 'No mobile Network'. I even reflashed CM7 RC 5.7, I also formatted system through CWM, Nothing works.
    Currently in CM7 RC 5.7. What do I do? Should I reflash stock 2.3.4? Will it solve modem problem? Coz Stock firmware has MODEM file in it, when flashing with ODIN.Please I need your help. I live in India so its Galaxy pop.

  17. How does it compare with unofficial CM7 RC 5.7?

  18. My mini is running CM7.2rc5.7.......
    1) phone app force close during incoming call if music app is running.
    2) USB mass storage is not working. Every try reboots my phone.
    Plz... help.
    & If I install this rom can I be free from bugs

  19. I'm not sure about the phone call problem. Rest everything is working fine for me. Try doing a factory reset and cache wipe in recovery and see if the problem is solved.

  20. Since it is official it's quite stable and speedy. However, unofficial has got more features and tweaks and overclocking kernels too. So, you decide what you want.

  21. Yes, try flashing stock rom, by removing sim card and sd-card and then flash CWM recovery and then flash custom rom. ALso, check to make sure you sim card is working fine.

  22. Sorry, Sim was accidently locked, maybe Cyanmobile locked my sim forever. Replaced my sim, and everythings good.

  23. No overclock, less option, although I don't care for full customization, but I want some. But music playback is lagfree in official CM7, as against CM7 RC5.7. Staying with 
    CM7 RC5.7.

  24. Upgrade to Cyan Mobile Initial A. I think music distortion is rare in this rom.

  25. wtf is adw launcher doin in here? is this rom based on this launcher??? plz tell me and the homescreen luks like the awd launcher .. i hate that launcher so pz tell me is this based on awd ????

  26. LOL! Yes, ADW Launcher modified by the developer is the default one in CM7.


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