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OmegaICS Rom For Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Smartphone.

OmegaICS is another great custom rom in the Omega series of android roms for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 smartphone. OmegaROM is an innovation of TeamCooper, a team of enthusiastic developers who focus on developing roms for Galaxy Ace smartphone. OmegaROM already has three version available and more updates are on their way. This OmegaICS is Ice Cream Sandwich installment of OmegaROM. This rom inherits the look and feel of latest Android 4.0.3 ICS rom. However, it is based on stock Gingerbread 2.3.6 DXKT5 firmware. Continue reading to find out the features of this custom rom.

Apart from the fact that this rom looks like latest Ice Cream Sandwich, there are many other features of this rom. Below I have listed some of these features.
OmegaICS Home Screen
  • Based on stock 2.3.6 DXKT5
  • Deodexed
  • Barebones
  • CF-Root B84 (with overclocking kernels )
  • Scrolling cache mod
  • Default Darktremor's A2SD support. Use APP2SD GUI app to manage settings.
  • EXT 4 file system.
  • Hacked 'hosts' file.
  • More Build.prop tweaks
  • Exclusive hardware acceleration mod by slaid480.
  • Fast boot time with an modified ICS Boot animation.
  • Modded TouchWiz Launcher
  • Modified LagFree v3 and Turbo boost v8.5 for smooth performance.
  • Status-bar 14 Toggles mod included.
  • Battery calibrates at first boot after flash.
  • Adrenaline Boost and V6 Supercharger pre-installed.
  • New 2G/3G speed tweaks
  • Enhanced image and video capturing qualities.
  • Support for over 50 languages and many other features.
So, these were few features of this rom. I've also got few screenshots of  OmegaICS rom at this article. Go through them to see an overview of this rom. But, to get a clear picture of this ICS version of OmegaROM let's flash it on your galaxy ace gt-s5830 smartphone and have a closer look at it.

Disclaimer : DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Note : Those who have Gingerbread 2.3 and above firmware and any Custom Recovery installed on their device can skip Step 1 and Step 2. Also, if you have any other custom roms then you can skip both Step 1 and Step 2.

3. Download OmegaICS rom ( from Galaxy Ace downloads section in Roms and Utilities page.

4. Copy the downloaded file to the root directory of your sd-card.

5. Reboot your device to Clock Work Mod Recovery (Press Home + Power Button).

6. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current rom.

7. Choose Install Zip From Sd Card>>Choose Zip From SD Card option and then select the,, file you downloaded from above.

8. Wait few minutes for the rom to be flashed and once it is done; Wipe Data and Wipe cache from clockwork mod recovery main menu.

9. Reboot your device from your recovery main menu when everything is done.

That's all. You are now done with installing OmegaICS rom on your galaxy ace gt-s5830 smartphone. This rom, based on stock Gingerbread DXKT5, is themed to look like Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System. Apart from this there are many tweaks that improve the overall performance and speed of this rom. So, once the rom boots to the home-screen, take some time to explorer through it and once you are done with it please don't forget to share your thoughts about this custom rom with us at the comments below.

Also, if you like this rom then you can say thanks or donate some amount of money to TeamCooper at this thread on xda-developers forum. 

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  1. hoping they would be making this rom for galaxy mini!
    i'm like the looks of ICS

  2.  I don't think they would do so... Since the developers only develop roms for Galaxy Ace at the moment. But wait who knows, they might change their mind in future.

  3. the only problem..on this room is sim contacts..when i locate my says..force to close..and there is no tun.ko loaded for this rom

  4. in xda forum this rom download link was removed ...yyyy..

  5. This the great some, but any problem with the contact. It's force close. I use dxkt5 xse, cwm Could yuo fix it?

  6. some problem with contacts. it force closes. what should i do? :(

  7. That's a bug... Wait for it to be released. Infact the team took the release back for few reasons and I am not sure if they will provide a more stable build or not. In the meantime use another contact app from market & if it also doesn't work try another rom.

  8. Just for my curiosity, the rom still has the contacts bug?

  9. If it originally had the bug then it still does.

  10. I just flashed this rom, where the hell is the android market/google play? I cant find it anywhere, so where is it?

  11. Don't panic. If there's no any Google Apps then, flash gapps for GB in recovery. Search here for Google Apps for Custom roms and you should be able to get detailed instructions.

  12. I have flashed this ROM today and i noticed some bugs.
    1) wifi is not working. it has stopped on "obtaining IP address"

  13. please gave a way to solve wifi bug i really need it.

  14. Well, those are bugs in the rom alright... I've got no solution. I think there's probably an update to Omega Series and if I get some time to analyze it, I post about it very soon. For now switch back to other roms.


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